BMW P1100

OBD Codes


Description of the defect

Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Intermittent
The MAF sensor circuit is monitored by the PCM for sudden voltage (or air flow) input change through the comprehensive component monitor (CCM). If during the last 40 warm-up cycles in key ON engine running the PCM detects a voltage (or air flow) change beyond the minimum or maximum calibrated limit, a continuous memory diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is stored.

Possible causes

List of elements that might trigger the appearance of this code

  • Poor continuity through the MAF sensor connectors
  • Poor continuity through the MAF sensor harness
  • Intermittent open or short inside the MAF sensor.

Diagnostic help

Some tricks to help us for the diagnosis of the failure

While accessing the MAF V PID on the scan tool, lightly tap on the MAF sensor or wiggle the MAF sensor connector and harness. If the MAF V PID suddenly changes below 0.23 volt or above 4.60 volts, an intermittent fault is indicated.
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